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Our Services

Full Balayage Ombre Long  

Full Balayage Ombre medium  

Full Balayage Ombre short  

Apprentice foil special 

Deluxe Treatment 

Express Treatment  

Fringe Trim  

Pensioner Cut/blowdry  

Pensioner Style Cut  

Restyle Cut/Blowdry  

Ladies Style Cut  

Style Cut/Blowdry  

Ladies Treatment/Style Cut/Blowdry  

Basic Curls Pin up 


Bridal Trial 30 mins  

Bridal Trial 60 mins  

Formal Styling 60 mins  

Formal Styling 75 mins  


Shampoo & Dry off  

Shampoo And Set 

Shampoo Blowdry & GHD Curls Long  

Shampoo Blowdry & GHD Curls Medium  

Shampoo Blowdry & GHD Curls Short  

Shampoo Blowdry & Straighten Long  

Shampoo Blowdry & Straighten Medium  

Shampoo Blowdry & Straighten Short  

Shampoo Long Blow Dry  

Shampoo Medium Blow Dry  

Shampoo Short Blowdry  

Straighten Only Long  

Straighten Only Medium  

Straighten Only Short  

Extra Colour 

Hairline Regrowth  

Regrowth 10 weeks +  

Regrowth 8 weeks  

Regrowth 6 weeks  

Regrowth 4 weeks  

Semi & Tint Long  

Semi & Tint Med  

Semi & Tint Short  

Foils & Full Colour 

Foils And Regrowth  

Full Head Foils Long 

Full Head Foils Medium  

Full Head Foils Short  

3/4 Head Foils Long  

3/4 Head of Foils Medium  

3/4 Head Foils Short  

1/2 Head Foils Long  

1/2 Head Foils Medium  

1/2 Head Foils Short  

1/4 Head Long  

1/4 Head Medium  

1/4 Head Short  

Scattered Foils (x10) Long  

Scattered Foils (x10) Medium  

Scattered Foils (x10) Short  

Single Foil  


Colour Correction  

Colour Correction Long  


Balayage Half  

Manic Panic Application  

Clipper Cut 

Mens Beard Trim  

Mens Colour & Cut  

Mens Cut  

Mens restyle  

Pre-School (0-4) 

Primary School (5-12)  

High School (13-17)  

Highschool Shampoo Cut & Blowdry 

Chemical Straighten Long  

Chemical Straighten Medium 

Chemical Straighten Short  

Chemical Straightening Regrowth  

Perm Med-Long  

Perms Short-Med  

Spiral Perm  

Smoothing long  

Smoothing medium  

Smoothing short  

Bleach Bath  

Scalp Bleach Long+ toner  

Scalp Bleach Medium+ toner  

Scalp Bleach Short+ toner  

scalp Bleach regrowth + toner 4 weeks  

Scalp Bleach Regrowth + toner 6 weeks  

Scalp Bleach Regrowth + toner 8 weeks 

Toner Short 

Toner Medium  

Toner Long  

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